The Let’s Talk Science Challenge is a team-based competitive enrichment event offered for Grades 6-8 students by Let’s Talk Science Outreach volunteers across Canada. This free, fun-filled program gives students the opportunity to build their team skills, interact with relevant role models and test their abilities against peers.

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Let's Talk Science volunteer and students holding plastic bottles with water for activity.

ngành cá cược bóng đáEvent Locations & Dates

All Challenge competitions are held annually in April and May at participating Let’s Talk Science Outreach sites across Canada. Check the event locations and dates to find a location nearest you.

Let's Talk Science volunteers in a lecture hall during trivia at the Let's Talk Science Challenge.

Educators & Parents

Have a question about the Let's Talk Science Challenge? The FAQ section has everything you need to know about who can participate, registering a team and expectations for the day of the event.

Let's Talk Science Challenge student competitors in lab coats during trivia questions.

Student Preparation Centre

Welcome students! The student preparation centre has everything you need to prepare you for the Challenge, including the Let’s Talk Science Challenge Student Handbook, practice quizzes and general questions about the event.

Benefits to Students

Contact Us

For more Let’s Talk Science Challenge details, contact:

Christina Carnovale
Let's Talk Science Challenge and Events Coordinator
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Media and communications inquiries:

Kate Soper
Communications Officer
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