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ngành cá cược bóng đáLet¡¯s Talk Science hosts professional learning workshop on STEM careers

2016-4-5 | News

On Friday, May 6, teachers will gather in Selkirk, Manitoba to participate in a new professional learning workshop on science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) careers.

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23 Canadian post-secondary institutions host Let's Talk Science Challenge

2016-22-4 | News

3,200 Gr. 6-8 students participate in the 2016 Let¡¯s Talk Science Challenge

Meaghan and Laura have been preparing for the Let¡¯s Talk Science Challenge since February. Their team is one of three from Holy Cross Junior High School in St. John¡¯s that will be participating with over 140 students at the Memorial University on April 29, 2016. This is their second year participating.

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2016 Let¡¯s Talk Science Award Finalists

2016-14-4 | News

Let¡¯s Talk Science relies on more than 3,500 volunteers across Canada to create a memorable impression on students and educators engaging with science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education.

One of the ways that we celebrate this dedication to STEM education is through our annual national Let¡¯s Talk Science Volunteer Awards.

This year, Let¡¯s Talk Science will be presenting a new award to showcase the outstanding contributions of our CurioCity virtual volunteers.

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A Weeklong Celebration for National Volunteer Week

2016-6-4 | News

From April 10-16, the Let¡¯s Talk Science community will take extra care to thank volunteers during National Volunteer Week.

At Let¡¯s Talk Science, volunteers are the backbone to many of our initiatives. Across the country and online, our volunteers help to build strong and lasting community relationships. Our over 3,500 volunteers are engaging children and youth in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) explorations and acting as role models for youth.

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Congratulations to the 11 Samsung Solve for Tomorrow Challenge Finalists!

2016-21-3 | News

Finalist schools rewarded with $20,000 in Samsung technology and move on to compete for one of two Grand Prize packages.

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Partner Spotlight: Dr. Mark Abrahams, Professor and Dean of Science, Memorial University

2016-6-3 | News

Dr. Abrahams shares his view on how the Let¡¯s Talk Science partnership at Memorial University helps post-secondary student¡¯s skill development while making science relevant and accessible to youth who may never have considered the possibility of pursuing a science-related career.

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Let¡¯s Talk Science Outreach, Regional Conference ¨C 2016

2016-22-2 | News

Every year our Let¡¯s Talk Science Outreach Coordinators attend a two day workshop that provides opportunities for skill development.

This year we asked them to share their experience on video.

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Creating Connections and Contagious Enthusiasm for Science

2016-4-2 | News

¡°EVERY single one of my students who has participated in the Let¡¯s Talk Science Challenge will tell you that it is exciting, fun and that they can¡¯t wait until next year to do it again.¡±
Geralyn Manion, Educator Grade 5 to 8 gifted program - Holy Name, TCDSB

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Universit¨¦ de Moncton joins Let¡¯s Talk Science Outreach

2015-7-12 | News

(Moncton, NB) On November 11, 2015 the Let¡¯s Talk Science team welcomed Universit¨¦ de Moncton as our 42nd national Outreach site.

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Our Stories: Every Child is An Explorer

2015-1-12 | News

In school, giving the right answer is great. However, science teacher Phil Langford gets even more excited hearing something else from students.

¡°Science is asking the right questions,¡± says Phil, head of the science department at Bert Fox High School in Fort Qu¡¯Appelle, Saskatchewan.

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Our Stories: Student Volunteer Finds Homemade Slime Can Stretch Minds

2015-1-12 | News

To Billy Sun, there¡¯s a formula to turning children on to science. Take borax, mix with white glue, and add food colouring. The result? Homemade slime.

That¡¯s his favourite activity when he volunteers with Let¡¯s Talk Science Outreach at Hamilton area schools in Ontario. ¡°The kids love it because it¡¯s fun,¡± says Billy, a fourth-year health sciences student at McMaster University.

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Our Stories: Honouring Cultures and Inspiring Strong Futures

2015-1-12 | News

Eager faces full of wonderment peer with anticipation into the mesh basket in the middle of the table. Inside, a butterfly is about to emerge from its chrysalis before a mesmerized audience of Grade Two students. Manisha Khetarpal warmly explains, ¡°There is absolute silence as they wait for this miracle of nature.¡±

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Let¡¯s Talk Science volunteers experience Koeye Culture and Science Camp off central BC coast

2015-13-11 | News

In August of 2015, Let's Talk Science volunteers joined with Raincoast Conservation Foundation) on a voyage to Koeye River, a remote First Nations community on British Colombia's central coast, to help facilitate and participate at the Koeye Culture and Science Camp camp run for local youth. Let's Talk Science has been taking part in this venture for many years in the past through Let's Talk Science at the University of Victoria. The following blog was written by research associate Marlie van Roy and Science Outreach Communicator Lori Waters of the Raincoast Conservation Foundation, and retells the story of the crews week at camp.

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Let¡¯s Talk Science community events bring science to life

2015-10-11 | News

On October 24th, Let¡¯s Talk Science Outreach at the University of Guelph held their first School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, an event run annually at several Let¡¯s Talk Science locations across the country. The volunteer team saw over 750 children, youth and parents throughout the day, all wanting to learn more about the science behind magic.

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Let¡¯s Talk Science, University of Manitoba Wins 2015 Outstanding Science Organization Award

2015-26-10 | News

On Friday, October 23rd Let's Talk Science at the University of Manitoba received the 2015 Outstanding Science Organization Award from the Science Teacher Association of Manitoba (STAM).

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