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Leann Sweeney, LetĄ¯s Talk Science Outreach and CurioCity Volunteer

2015-17-4 | Featured Volunteers

We want to make volunteering possible for everyone interested. This includes finding specific activities that suit the schedules and interests of both professionals and students.

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Michelle Bondy, LetĄ¯s Talk Science Outreach Coordinator and Volunteer at the University of Windsor

2015-16-4 | Featured Volunteers

Through the Outreach program, our Local Site Coordinators work to ensure their volunteers are having a rewarding and impactful experience.

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Laetitia Guillemette, LetĄ¯s Talk Science CurioCit¨Ļ Volunteer

2015-15-4 | Featured Volunteers

You can volunteer in French, English, online and in person! Help us make our programs accessible to all Canadians.

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William Chan, LetĄ¯s Talk Science Outreach Coordinator and Volunteer at the University of Alberta

2015-14-4 | Featured Volunteers

William gets a lot out of his role as a volunteer coordinator ¨C inspiring the children as well as his volunteers.

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Magdalena Pop, Let's Talk Science CurioCity Volunteer

2015-12-4 | Featured Volunteers

ItĄ¯s not just the kids who are learning! Our volunteers also learn new science and ways of explaining science topics through their work.

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Reem Ghaleb, Let's Talk Science Outreach Volunteer at University of Calgary

2015-9-4 | Featured Volunteers

I love being able to get students inspired and interested in science through hands-on activities and sharing my passion for science with others.

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